Have you ever had a massage before?

'Mere, Let me walk you through it.

11 things to know about your massage experience and how to get a FREE one!!

FIRST, BOOK YOUR MASSAGE. www.zenblossomsmage.com has a super easy three step process. Pick your preferred day and time (there are nearly 60 hours to choose from, and seven days a week!) Enter your personal information to set up your secure account. Finally it will require a credit card but only to reserve your appointment and recognize you as a real person. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know you did it correctly.

SECOND, COME IN!! The address is 314 North Potomac Street REAR ENTRANCE Hagerstown, MD 21740. There is a driveway from the front of the building to the rear where my door and the parking lot are located. It is also very easy to access from the ally off of either North or Randolph Ave. You will clearly see my logo on the door about midway down the block. Please park in front of it!

THIRD, HAVE A SEAT! Take your shoes and socks off and relax with a warm foot soak. Drink some water or warm tea. Choose an aroma to personalize your session with.There is a one page intake form we will go over and discuss your personal massage therapy needs. At this point you should use the rest room and remove all make up and jewelry if you are wearing any.

FOURTH, GET ON THE TABLE! You will be led to the massage room and given specific instructions once again on how to lay on the table but for those who are curious I'll go over them now. I'll leave the room and let you get undressed (to your comfort level. I do prefer that you remove your bra as the straps become cumbersome to work around and may interrupt the fluidity of the massage strokes. You will be draped appropriately the entire time, modesty should not be an issue, but if you are not comfortable with that we will work around it. Please wear something you do not mind getting some oil on as more than likely will occur. If you prefer to leave your unders on that is very acceptable, as is removing them. You will be properly draped the entire time so the only difference that will make to me is if or how I access your glutes. PS. If you haven't had a glute massage yet you need to!! It's my number one go to for sciatica and lower back pain of just about any kind. You would not believe how much tension we keep in our largest most used muscle!!!). You can then lay on the table BETWEEN the sheets just as if you were getting in bed. The sheets and blanket are there to keep you warm and cozy and covered so you won't ever be exposed. I will have you start laying face up with your head at one end of the table and a pillow or bolster under your knees. I'll help you adjust it if need be as it can be tricky because it is under a fitted sheet. You will have a few minutes to do this so DO NOT feel rushed and take a few breaths while you are waiting, to start the relaxation process. There will be heat on the table and soft music in the back ground to help. I will knock on the door and come back in with a heated neck wrap and a comforting eye pillow. Take a few more long deep belly breaths to inhale your chosen aroma.

FIFTH, LET'S BEGIN!! Depending on your specific needs this part may vary but let's use a Full Body Massage as an example. I will start at your feet, unwrapping just them and massage each using a heated coconut oil. Then I will re-drape and move onto your leg, uncovering only the skin to be massaged and then immediately reapplying the drape so you stay warm,cozy, and covered! I will continue in the same manor with each body part, your other leg, hands, arms, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. To top off the the first half of your massage I will place warm steamy towels on your face, hands, and feet.

SIXTH, TIME TO FLIP OVER!! This seems to be the most difficult part of the massage as you are so relaxed it is hard to move, but move you must as the best is yet to come!! I will hold the drape in a tent like fashion so as you are still covered but free to roll without being tangled in the sheets. There is a face cradle that keeps your body in alignment but also allows for you to breathe while laying face down. Simply place your nose and mouth in the hole and rest your forehead against the padding. It is adjustable so please make sure you are comfortable!! Once you are cozy again and the bolster is properly placed under your ankles for maximum comfort your massage experience will continue. First on your back with special attention given to the trouble areas on either side then to each leg with the drape moving for each section. To conclude your massage experience a warm steamy towel with be placed on your back then the drape will be reapplied. I will signal the massage is over by placing a hand on your back over the blanket and quietly saying "Thank you." before I leave the room.

SEVENTH, TIME TO GET UP. OK this may actually be the hardest part but you got this, take your time. I schedule extra time for each appointment so you never need to feel rushed. You just had a wonderful experience, let it soak in. Listen to your body, it will tell you when you are ready to get up so move slow, stretch, make sure you have your balance. There will be lots of serotonin and dopamine ( happy, feel good chemicals) coursing through your body so you may feel a little "drunk". TAKE YOUR TIME!! If you fall asleep that is OK you must have needed it. I will simply knock on the door after a few minutes to check on you. Like I said before there is extra time specifically for this purpose. Once you are ready get up, get dressed and come out to the relaxation room where your tea or water will be waiting on you.

EIGHTH, STAY HYDRATED! Massage is a detox process so you will want to make sure you flush your system. It can bring up all kinds of problems if you don't, from head and body aches to upset stomachs and foul moods. So while you sip your beverage and "sober up" we will take care of your bill if we had not already made those arrangements. Simply let me know cash or credit and whether or not to use the card you reserved your appointment with. Tips are very much appreciated but not expected, and honestly the best tip I could receive is you referring your friends ($10 off your next appointment for every person that comes in!!) We can also discuss your massage experience and create a plan for next time.

NINTH, BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT! It is best to do this at the end of your appointment so you don't forget.There is nothing worse than needing an appointment you don't have. I recommend to all my clients to get on a regular schedule of every 4 to 6 weeks as you feel the full effects of the massage, it starts to wear off but not so much time passes that the tension starts building up again, so you can make progress with each massage. Now depending on your lifestyle and how you handle stress you may need to adjust the time period. You will know as time goes on what works for you so do that. If you need to check your schedule to see when you can do the next one that is fine, that is why i have online booking and you can schedule anytime, even last minute (up to two hours before).

TENTH, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! Everyone needs regular massage whether for specific issues or simply as a part of their wellness routine (it's the best part as you literally have to do nothing and it feels the best!!) I currently have a few programs in place to make massage at Zen Blossoms Massage most ideal besides the superior customer services and personal care, warm cozy, home-like atmosphere and exceptional pricing (previous employers had charged nearly double for my services that have only improved from years ago), you will receive $10 off your next appointment for every person you send in. So if you send in 6 of your friends you have yourself a FREE massage. Also if you know you will be doing massage on a regular basis you can prepay for a series and receive a small discount on already bottom line start up prices. On top of all of this there are often seasonal specials and package deals to enhance your experience. Just keep an eye on the website and Facebook page.

ELEVENTH, TALK TO ME!!! If you like something, don't like something, too much pressure, not enough pressure, you feel uncomfortable, you want to see a certain service offered, or a special price that makes it work better for you let me know!! Talk to me in person while it is happening. Send me a text or Facebook message or review!! We all have to work to pay our bills but I started this business to share my gift with you and hopefully make the world a better place by improving the quality of YOUR life!!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps those of you that were maybe on the fence and just too nervous to try before. If you have ANY other questions please ask. I have learned a lot in the twelve years I have been licensed in Maryland and I too was once a beginner.


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Kristine Newcomer, R.M.P, has been practicing massage for over 10 years and has a wide array of techniques to provide therapeutic massage for relaxation and health benefits. Each massage is customized to your body type and includes aromatherapy oils of your choice to balance mind and body. Kristine also offers on site massage for corporate and company events, onsite massage for "spa parties" and loves to participate at charity events and marathons by providing massages on site for athletes and participants. 

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